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AUTOMATIC KNIFE GRINDER (Knife moveable version)


AUTOMATIC KNIFE GRINDER (Knife moveable version)

The model of JF-650, the Automatic Knife Grinder (Knife movement) is suited for straight knives grinding, such as planer & jointer knife, shoe’s bottom peeling knife, filament cutting knife, super surface knife, power tool blade, herbs cutting knife and so on.

Jeffer JF-650 Knife Grinder owns both coarse wheel and fine wheel. After using coarse wheel grinding, it grind with fine wheel to get well, sharpen knives which is proper for super finish. Though the standard type of knife holder is enough for knife grinding, magnetic chuck would be better to grind knives in large quantity.

  • Can obtain good, sharp knives by using a fine grinding wheel after a rough one.

  • Force cooling system gets knives neither heated, transfigured nor annealed.

  • Grinding wheel up-down movement with ball screw sets which obtain accurate and best result.

  • Parallelism between knives holder (or Magnetic chuck, optional) and bed rail ± 0.01mm, high accuracy and good durability.

  • Splash guard and coolant tank are stainless steel.

JF-650 Feature

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JF-650 Specification


The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. without notice. Please kindly contact us to make sure to get the information up to date.

JF-650 Video

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