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AUTOMATIC KNIFE GRINDER (Wheel Moveable Version)


AUTOMATIC KNIFE GRINDER (Wheel Moveable Version)

JF-1600 Automatic Knife Grinder (wheel moveable version) is for grinding long and straight knives. For example, paper cutting knife, single side cutting knife, veneer cutting knife, planer knife and etc. Standard machine is for grinding straight knife length up to 1600mm. We could also extend this machine to grind straight knife length up to 2100mm. With user-friendly electronic control, it lets the operator as using it as enjoying it.

JF-1600 Feature

  • Can obtain good, sharp knives by using a fine grinding wheel after a rough one.

  • Force cooling system gets knives neither heated, transfigured nor annealed.

  • Grinding wheel back-front movement with ball screw sets which obtain accurate and best result.

  • With magnetic chuck parallelism ± 0.02mm and high accuracy.

  • Equipped with variable speed motor for fine grinding wheel to grind high speed steel knives and carbide knives.

  • Splash guard and coolant tank are stainless steel.

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JF-1600 Specification

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. without notice. Please kindly contact us to make sure to get the information up to date.

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