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Enjoy your sharpening with us is our utmost goal. //

Jeffer Machinery Co., Ltd. has been providing cutting tools grinding equipment to the industry in Taiwan since 1969, and we offer a high standard of quality products and make it be our mission to lead our sharpening machines to be the top machine tools in the world.

Jeffer Machinery specializes in designing and manufacturing sharpening machines of tool grinder and saw grinders in the machine tools industry.

From our early woodworking tools grinding machines to the latest and accurate, stable and sophisticated machines, we have been offering standard types and automatic functions of grinding machines for grinding carbide saws/ knives/ router bits/ solid cutters, saw blade teeth-top grinder with eccentric grinding, straight knife grinder for paper cutting tools and plastic crusher knives and other user-friendly sharpening machines. Nearly two decades, Our team members have been searched and developed automatic electric discharge machines, wire erosion machines and wheel trimming machines for grinding and machining diamond circular saw blades, diamond dressers, diamond wheels, PCD tools combined with HMI, PLC and sophisticated optional attachments that make our grinders be used and purchased regularly by users of cutting tools sharpening machines over 40 years.

For inquiry of our tool grinders and saw grinders, it is available on request of optional attachments that get one products can own multiple grinding capacity. As for grinding accuracy, we demand a high quality result from standard models to sophisticated grinders.

Jeffer Machinery insists on quality in every models - not only focus on grinding stability, grinding status, grinding accuracy in stroke and grinding convenience, but also on material machining process and mechanism design. Retaining the well grinding quality, we continue to improve and invent new models as saw blade teeth grinders for gullet angle/negative angle/chip breaker slot, saw blade trimming machines, automatic saw grinders with conveyer and machine arms, piston ring bevel grinders, polycrystalline diamond grinding machines, and EDM/ wire erosion machines for diamond tools/diamond sawblades/diamond wheels to the grinding machinery industry and expect to become the-state-of –art sharpening machines extending to the whole world over.

As a world-wide grinding machines manufacturer, our products are sold in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, America, South America, Canada, Russia, Africa, India, Italy, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Iran, Greece and also other countries around the world. What’s more, we joined the international fairs in 11 countries around the world to promote our tool grinders and saw grinders to all users inquiring machine tools. We also have some grinders qualified with CE marking that enhance convenience of exporting products.

Jeffer Machinery offered reasonable prices for everyone who need grinding machines and searching for one at fair price. We may also accept the customized grinders and flexible adjustment in standard specification discussion with our research & development department, and make an effort to complete your ideal grinding machines.

 Jeffer Machinery
 Jeffer Machinery

Variety grinders for cutting tools //

Jeffer Machinery main products are Carbide Tool Grinders, Carbide Circular Grinders, Profile Grinders, Straight Knife Grinders, Diamond Tool Grinding Machines (EDM, Wire erosion), Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder and Wheel Trimming Machines. Some of them can grind variety shapes of knife tools or several knives in one grinders, and some of grinders can only grind one types of knife tools but higher volumes and accuracy, you may choose machine tools you need.
We manufacture a wide range of grinding machines. The most part of cutting tools ground by our grinders are carbide welded tools, and other materials of tools such as steel/HSS/PCD also can be ground by some of our sharpening machines.

In order to satisfy classified cutting tools grinding every users’ need, we provide variety models of grinding machines available to grinding carbide knives, solid cutters, shank router bits, finger jointer cutters, 4-sided solid cutters, carbide circular saw blades, planer cutter head, profile cutters, crusher knives, planer knives, paper cutting tools, chipper knives, plastic bag cutting knives, filament cutting knives, herbs cutting knives, diamond dressers, milling cutters, diamond circular saw blades, circular knives, inserted knives, skinner blades, utility knives, broaches, PCD tools, slitter knives, etc.

Our service //

  • Manufacture products & Products for sale :
    Grinder, Saw Grinder, Wheel Dresser, Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder, Customize Grinder, and related parts.

  • Export :
    Only for Jeffer Machinery customers who bought our products and related LCL factories.

  • After sales support :
    Tool Grinder, Knife Grinder, Saw Grinder, Wheel dresser, Machine parts service.

  • Related Shipment Service :
    Domestic – Have installation service.
    Export – Need installation fee and related cost.

  • Others :
    Branch cooperate.: Taiwan only.
    No grinding service, only for selling grinding machines, spare parts and after sales repair service.


We appreciate every customers and business partners’ long-term well cooperation, and all your trust and support is the motivation to keep us going.

Also, welcome to follow up our products and contact us at email or phone call for any inquiry!

Company Details //

  • Established in : 1980

  • No. of Employee : 22

  • Business type : ODM Manufacturer

  • Markets : Worldwide

Contact Details //

Jeffer Machinery Co., Ltd.

No. 211-8, Dongzhou Rd., Shengang Hsiang, Taichung district 429, Taiwan

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