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Jeffer Profile Knife Grinder JC-312 (1: 1) is mainly used for grinding and machining molding blades, carve blades… etc. Profile knife grinding machine adopts high precise guide rail that helps work table moves lightly with high precision. JC-312 Profile Grinder’s work table, no matter back-front or left-right movement, are moved with accuracy +/- 0.005mm, and its grinding length is up to 300mm. Grinding wheel head is micro-adjustable and accurate, 2HP motor is powerful for grinding. And the worth mentioned is that this profile grinder is equipped with water splash guard and coolant tank that are all made of stainless steel, very stable and durable.

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JC-312  Feature

  • This wheel dresser has Taiwan Patent:191291。

  • Work table back-front, left-right are moved with Ø9, Ø6mm linear bearing cross roller rail sets, accuracy ± 0.005mm, grinding length is up to 300mm.

  • Side clearance angle: 5°, 10° and 15°.

  • Back relief angle: 13° to 30°.

  • Water splash guard and coolant tank are stainless steel.

JC-312 Specification

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. without notice. Please kindly contact us to make sure to get the information up to date.

JC-312 Video

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