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JF-300 Specification


Model: JF-300 is used for cutter grinding, router bits grinding. In the way of solid cutter grinding, the grinding capacity can reach 12” and it get longer grinding capacity and be more efficiency. You can exchange the router bits spindle with collet that make it easier to operate.
This type of carbide cutter grinder is suitable for users who both need grind carbide 4-side knife in the head and shank router bits as it is truly a great choice for grooving cutter grinding. If you have enquiry for super finish spiral tool grinding, you can choose optional attachment – helical grinding attachment to meet your equipment.

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  • Special design for grinding moulder cutters of 4-side.

  • Heavy and stable construction makes it durable & accurate.

  • Parallelism of work table +/-0.01mm and with good durability.

  • After exchanging the arbor, it can grind shank carbide router bit precisely.

  • Both wheel guard and coolant tank are stainless steel.

JF-300  Feature

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. without notice. Please kindly contact us to make sure to get the information up to date.

With standard accessories

Diamond wheel-1pc (Ø175x16xØ16mm)
Grinding coolant-10 liters
Cutter spindle: Ø1”, Ø40mm, Ø50mm-1pc
Router bit chuck-1pc (3/4" collet)

JF-300 Video

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